The people behind the code

Everything starts with a problem

Kooders is a software company established in 2013. We trust in open source and our goal is to make a better workplace for us and to our customers.

Usually when people hear our name the first question is "So do you guys code?". The answer is yes! We think that digital solutions are for everyone even if you're just starting up. The goal is that you to can focus on doing what you get paid for.

You'll be part of the development team from the very first day. We have a large network of professionals so we can surely find a fix for your problem.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and we believe that you shouldn't be forced to get tied up on any one company. That's why you can get further development or even parts of the initial project from other sources.


Miikka Kostian

Coding CEO

Oona Komulainen

Coding graphics designer

Vili Moisio

Journeyman Coder

Ilpo Simonen

Sales & Administration

Cassie - The office dog


Office dog

Our friends

Gartano Oy

Parent company and officespace

BittiGuru Oy

Servers in North Karelia


VR/AR and tailored hardware solutions

Rookie Communications Oy

Rookie Communications Oy

Copywriting and larger video productions